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Original Oregon Ormus  is a new substance that is gaining popularity throughout the world. It is made via a natural chemical reaction, using natural celtic sea salt and freshwater. It uses no major machinery to manufacture, leaving a minimum impact on resources. Ormus is a crystal clear substance without a scent, making it perfect for those allergic to strong scents. It does not stain fabrics and is completely 100% non-toxic/natural.

Ormus is a substance with properties similar to Aloe, but with the same non-toxic healing qualities, however Ormus is much more concentrated, so you use far less and it does not stain and it has a pleasant taste like fresh spring water. Ormus is unique in that it can be used for both humans and plants, and it can be used both internally and externally. One of the more exciting discoveries about Ormus is that some people have used it to cure Cancer and reduce/eliminate the effects of Alzheimers and Dementia. The potential for Ormus is only just beginning to be discovered. Below is a Radio Interview with Ormus maker Dave Kane. One remarkable section of this video talks about people who applied the M-3 version of Ormus to the skin to cure skin cancer.

Here are just some of the many uses of Ormus:

Internal Uses:
Use as a natural nutrient booster and to relieve anxiety and fatigue. Ormus naturally boosts the nutrient and mineral density of sprouted grains such as alfalfa, barley, wheat and other sprouted grains or it can be taken as is.
To use Ormus internally, consume between one half to one teaspoon of Ormus to 1 cup of water. Adjust dosage over time according to your body's intuitive needs. Take with grape seed, peppermint oil or yogurt for maximum results.

Topical Uses:
Ormus stops or significantly reduces the pain of foot and hand blisters and ingrown toenails. Unlike some pharmaceutical produced substances, Ormus does not sting upon application, is not oily or greasy, and reduces or eliminates the pain of cuts and open wounds immediately and naturally. It provides rapid healing and pain elimination for Ingrown Toenails and Splinters. For internal sprains, mix with peppermint oil and rub into area to reduce swelling and accelerate healing naturally. See for the full number of natural uses of Ormus totaling over 20, including instant removal of fingers stuck together with superglue and much more. When Ormus is appiled early to deep puncture wounds, it will stop an ugly scar from forming.

Plant Uses:
Ormus performs extremely well on plants, by increasing the yield and number of fruits of vegetables. To use for plants, dilute in a 10 to 1 ratio and pre-soak seeds for faster and healthier germination of plants. Great for plants that do not receive natural sunlight, such as indoor plants. Water young plants to encourage strong growth and increase resistance from pests and insects. Water ill or sick plants to speed recovery. Increase crop yields and create larger fruits and vegetables. To revive ailing plants, add 2 Tablespoons per gallon of water or dilute in a ratio of 1 part Ormus to 10 Parts water.
Our Ormus wastes no major resources during its manufacturing process, is made locally and can take the place of many items you already use in your home in one convenient bottle thus giving you convenience and real savings. Our Original Oregon Ormus  comes from the Pristine Forests of Oregon, an area known for its powerful natural healing qualities. Because our Ormus is super-concentrated, a little goes a long way, and most of all, most super-concentrated substances are dangerous if accidently ingested, not our Ormus, our Ormus is completely 100% natural and non-toxic, making it completely safe if accidently taken in large amounts.

To learn more about our Original Oregon Ormus , view testimonials and seek any answers to questions you may have, visit our website at, or call us Toll Free at 1-877-977-7708.

Original Oregon Ormus  is a new 100% all natural non-toxic multipurpose formula with numerous healing uses. This pure raw substance is commonly known as "Ormus"

Ormus is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world. Some of you may already be using items with a natural high Ormus content in them. Aloe Vera is one example.

General Uses of Original Oregon Ormus :
Revives Sick Plants
Rapidly Heals Cuts and Abrasions
Used as an inflammatory to immediately relieve pain from blisters and promote healing
Relieves the pain of paper cuts instantly

Unique Features of Original Oregon Ormus :

May be used on plants, people or pets
Delivers a smooth texture that is not greasy or oily, never leaving an unpleasant stickiness
Recent User Testimonial of Original Oregon Ormus :
"I cut my finger rather severely in the garden a week ago, and it helped the deep cut heal quickly without any problems. Also, I used the ormus to soak some okra seeds on a moon-favorable date, and in only four hours they were forming taproots! That has got to be a world record! Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing your company grow in the months and years to come!" N. Nader. Canada

Unlike many topical antiseptics, Original Oregon Ormus  does not sting on application, but instead immediately relives the pain associated with injury. It is safe to use on pets and young children. It provides the same protection against bacterial contamination and skin infection as a regular topical antiseptic.

Exterior Uses:
Instantly relieve the pain of Heat Rash. Hand or Foot Blisters. Anti-inflammatory properties rapidly heal and relieve the pain of Sunburn, Cooking or Industrial Burns, Splinters, or Boils.
For ingrown toenails or fingernails, don't get surgery, just apply 7 or more drops to nails before bed. Repeat again 15 minutes later. Than repeat once again in the morning.
Use to relieve the itching of insect bites.

Interior Uses:
Canker or Mouth Ulcer Sores.
Mix with natural toothpaste for healthy gums.

Original Oregon Ormus  works miracles used straight out of the bottle, however when combined with plant essences, turns it into a rapid healer. Just add 10 parts Original Oregon Ormus  to 1 part plant essence. Examples include:
Add Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil or Grapeseed Oil and massage into affected areas to relieve: Ankle and Foot Sprains, Arthritis, Bruises and Aching or Sore Wrists.
Add Honey to speed recovery from burns
Add Aloe Vera to speed recovery from flaking, severe itching and pain of sunburn.
Add Citronella to increase the healing of skin injures involving scrapes and abrasions.
Add Lavender to soothe bites and stings from insects such as mosquitoes or ants. Results up to a near 100% elimination of stinging pain while preventing infection and hastening healing.

Additional Uses of Original Oregon Ormus
For stimulating plant growth or reviving sick plants, add 2 tablespoons per gallon of water.

Add 1/2 a dropper to 1 cup of water to pre-sprout seeds or shorten germination time.
To remove superglued fingers mix Original Oregon Ormus  with a small amount of Tea Tree Oil and massage to instantly un-glue fingers.

To stop bleeding, such as shaving nics, or paper cuts, dry area, apply Ormus, than apply light pressure to wound for 1 minute.

Use in situations where alcohol is not desired, such as when mixing oil with water. Just add a small amount of Original Oregon Ormus  to the water when mixing essential oils to allow the oil and water to mix more throughly, resulting in better performance.

Unique Features of Original Oregon Ormus :

Original Oregon Ormus  comes ready to use out of the bottle. It can be used diluted.
Ingredients are safe, healthy and natural.

Unscented, making it easy on those allergic to overpowering chemical scents
Will not stain clothing, fabrics, carpets or linen
The crystal clear structure of Original Oregon Ormus  allows it to easily absorb into the skin without staining clothing, fabrics or carpets.

If in the case of a deep puncture wound, applying Original Oregon Ormus  to the wound early on will heal the scar entirely.

No other product exists on the market today with so many unique features, and that is 100% Natural and Non-Toxic. Original Oregon Ormus  is truly a unique product in a class of its own. It is made via a sustained chemical reaction, thus eliminating the need for electricity and other wastefull unncessary resources during the manufacturing process.

Original Oregon Ormus  is completely safe to use on animals and children.

Made In Oregon.

Original Oregon Ormus  is an ALL NATURAL NUTRIENT BOOSTER - IMMEDIATELY RELIEVES ANXIETY AND FATIGUE. Boosts nutrient and mineral density of sprouted grains such as alfalfa, barley, wheat and other sprouted grains. Some users have used Ormus to Cure Cancer and reduce/eliminate the effects of Alzheimer's and Dementia. Will boost energy levels if taken as is.

Ormus is gaining popularity around the world due to its high concentration of natural healing elements and the low amount of resources used to make it. It is made by naturally extracting the life giving nutrients from Celtic Sea Salt. This results in a crystal clear spring water taste and producing a natural energetic effect upon the body. Directions: For best results, consume between ½ to 1 ½ teaspoons of Ormus to 1 cup of water. Adjust dosage over time according to your body’s intuitive needs. Take with grape seed, peppermint oil or yogurt for maximum results. For best results, take no more than 3 days in a row with a 4 day break in-between. Over consumption has been shown to cause minor allergies in some people.

Will increase or boost the power of some prescription medications. Feed to pets to encourage healthy growth and a strong immune system. Sometimes after taking Ormus, you may have a natural increase in appetite, this is normal, if this occurs, take 1 Tablespoon of sesame seeds with 1 teaspoon of Cumin Seed to stop “food cravings.

How to store your Ormus:

Store 5 or more feet away from computers or any electrical field. Visit for testimonials, questions and other natural products made locally in Oregon including our topical form of Ormus that rapidly heals wounds and prevents scars.

Original Oregon Ormus

MORE THAN 12 POWERFUL ALL NATURAL, NON-TOXIC HEALING USES. Non-greasy, Non-oily. Will not stain fabrics or clothing. Unscented.

For Instant Heat Rash Relief, Blisters, Chemical and Fire Burns, Sunburn, Boils, Itching, Insect Stings. Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory by stopping or reducing pain immediately from open wounds. When applied early, prevents scar formation. Ingredients: Fresh Original Oregon Ormus . Made in Topanga Canyon, CA.

Ormus is gaining popularity around the world due to the minimal number of resources used to make it and its high concentration of natural healing elements. It is made by extracting the life giving nutrients from Celtic Sea Salt, resulting in the ability for it to naturally and rapidly heal wounds, making it an excellent alternative to pharmaceuticals. It does not sting upon application, but instead acts as a natural anti-inflammatory by reducing or eliminating the pain of cuts and open wounds, including foot and hand blisters, ingrown toenails and much more.

To heal and prevent infection, apply a small amount to open cuts, foot and hand blisters, sunburn, ingrown toenails, canker sores, mosquito bites, splinters, bruises and open wounds. Use a maximum of 3 times a day .


Ingredients of Original Oregon Ormus Include:

Rebuilds damaged DNA -
Medical Reference Source
Rebuilds Skin -
Medical Reference Source
Cures Some Cancers -
Medical Reference Source
Used to heal cancer -
Medical Reference Source
Used to heal wounds -
Medical Reference Source
Heals Wounds -
Medical Reference Source
Heals Burns/antimicrobial agent -
Medical Reference Source
Rebuilds Tissue -
Medical Reference Source
Infection Prevention -
Medical Reference Source
Infection Prevention -
Medical Reference Source
Wounds, burns, boils, and other skin conditions -
Medical Reference Source


Original Oregon Ormus can be used internally for mouth ulcers, canker sores, or externally such as burns, ingrown toenails, insect stings and bites, open wounds, sunburn, splinter removal, bruises.  To treat sprains, mix with peppermint oil and rub into sprain.


Stops pain and reduces swelling
Stain Free
Prevents Infection






















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